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To establish your online presence in China just need to Say Nihao!

“Say Nihao!” – your company Chinise web site for just 950 USD.

Say Nihao to Chinese customers! Expand your business in China with our professional help for very reasonable price. You don’t speak Chinese, but we make sure that your business will!

All inclusive, web site “Say Nihao” – all you need to start working with China!

So what you get for just 950 Usd:

  • Modern, adaptive and mobile friendly design optimized specially for Chinese market.
  • Up to 7 pages of content translated and localized in Chinese.
  • Full internal SEO optimization for china search engines.
  • Baidu registration.
  • Cn domain name for one year.


  • We host your Chinese web site on our Hong Kong hosting for one year for FREE!
  • No need to get ICP license!

Our limited offer also included:

  • Free CMS – work with your site with ease! Add as many content and pages as you want, or we can do it for you
  • 3 months of free e-mail support
  • No need to have any license or government permissions
  • Pay with PayPal option



All you need to get your Chinese web site and begin to work on growing Chinese market Is contact us by e-mail: and get free consultation.

*All materials such as Logo, product description and photos, commercial materials are provided by the customer in English.
**Logo design is not included in the price
***Price of translation services for extra content is 40 Usd/page.
****This offer is only for business and corporate sites no politics and violations of Chinese law!

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