China optimized web development

Chinese website – this is a must-have entree for every international business in China.

Chinese website is a central core  of your marketing strategy in China and the quickest route (within a couple of weeks) to reach 1.4 billion customers. 

Now China is not only the most active online market in the world. With a Great Firewall, governmental censorship, and licensing, different design and marketing perspective, China is also one of the most challenging markets to enter.

TheDimsum.Com provides you with all in one steamy web solution to enter China’s online space. With no hassle and high cost-efficiency. 

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Адаптивный сайт для Китая

TURNKEY Solution

.CN domain name, Chinese hosting, design adaptation, content translation and localization.

Адаптивный сайт для Китая


Mobile-first site with local UX/UI in mind, to reach Chinese mobile users.

Адаптивный сайт для Китая

China Speed boost and accessibility

Minimal load time – even without ICP license. With HK based China direct routing servers.

Адаптивный сайт для Китая

Up and running and ready to rock in no time

Start your marketing campaign within a just few weeks.


Stage 1

Internet in China  is essentially a separate part of the World Wide Web. its subject to strict censorship and state regulations. All foreign traffic passes through the state firewall system (golden shield). Any site can be blocked and blacklisted. Therefore, before creating a Chinese website for, we conduct a business analysis.

This is most relevant, if the scope of the client’s activities is related to medical or investment (Forex / ICO) services and online sales.

In most cases, we can find the best solution, but if the client’s activity is contrary to Chinese law, we refuse to cooperate.

China site adaptation, localization, and translation .

Stage 2

The Chinese language is quite difficult to translate and adapt, so we engage in the translation exclusively native speakers. For each project, we choose a translator with knowledge of the terminology and subject of the translation.

Further, the text is edited and proofread by a professional copywriter. And only after that, it is added to the website.

All this contributes to the ranking of the website in the Chinese search engines, and most importantly, makes you understandable to your potential customers.

Website design

Stage 3


  • Wider color scheme
  • The dissimilarity in writing (characters are more compact)
  • Different patterns of interaction with web page
  • Differences in feedback and contact options
  • Mobile-first approach

Chinese website hosting and technical adaptation

Stage 4

Since all foreign traffic goes through the bottleneck of the great Chinese firewall, the loading speed of foreign websites is not that great (30 seconds – 1 minute, is normal). Sometimes foreign websites do not open at all during critical errors.

Depending on your business model and whether you have a company in China, we can offer two options for solving this problem.


  1. Hosting in China – The maximum speed in China. An ICP license is required.
  2. Optimized Hosting with direct routing servers in Hong Kong SAR – No ICP license required.

Obtaining an ICP license for a website in China

Stage 5

To ensure maximum availability and maximum speed, it is advisable to place the website on a hosting in China. To do this, you first need to obtain an ICP license.


  • ICP license – does not guarantee that the website will not be blocked
  • When placing a website on hosting that is not located in mainland China, an ICP license is not needed (This is illegal, and site can be blocked).



  • Commercial ICP license – gives the right to accept payments online
  • ICP Filing – gives the right to host a website in China.
    To obtain an ICP license, you must have a legal entity in China.

Additional services

Адаптивный сайт для Китая

Website management & maintenance

Website content management and creation, Website and Server maintenance

Адаптивный сайт для Китая

.CN domain name registration

Registration of Chinese domain names in .CN .HK .COM.CN zones

Адаптивный сайт для Китая

Chinese payment systems integration

China Third Party Payment Systems integration. Alipay, WeChat Pay, UnionPay

Адаптивный сайт для Китая

Baidu Registration

Adding a site to the registration queue to the Baidu search engine

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