How to Test Your Page Loading Speed in China

How to Test Your Page Loading Speed in China

Get ready to break into the lucrative Chinese market without being crippled by the Great Firewall! We’re here to help you navigate the digital maze and make your website fast and fabulous for your Chinese audience. Buckle up, and let’s dive in.

The Great Firewall: Why Your Website Is Crawling in China

You might wonder why foreign websites load slowly in China. It’s not just the physical distance between servers and Chinese Internet users; the Great Firewall of China is the primary culprit. This bad boy scans and blocks websites, resources, and content the Chinese government doesn’t like. Blocked content can severely delay your page loading speeds. To reach Chinese consumers, it’s time to rethink your website’s design and infrastructure.

The Problematic Elements: Common Website Features That Slow You Down in China

Many Western websites use elements that can cause issues for page loading speeds in China. Here’s a list of offenders and their alternatives:

  1. Google Fonts: Replace them with locally hosted fonts or China-friendly alternatives.
  2. Social Media Embeds: Ditch the YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram embeds, and use Chinese platforms like Youku, Weibo, or WeChat instead.
  3. Google Maps: Swap it out for Baidu Maps or other China-approved mapping services.
  4. Google Play Store Links: Replace with links to Chinese app stores like Tencent MyApp, 360 Mobile Assistant, or Baidu Mobile Assistant.
  5. Google APIs: Find alternative APIs or locally host the necessary resources.
  6. Google CDN: Switch to a China-based CDN or a global CDN with good coverage in China.
  7. Social Media Buttons: Remove them or replace them with China-specific social sharing buttons.

How to Test Your Site Page Loading Speed in China

To see how your site performs in China, get a few friends or colleagues across different Chinese regions to test it on desktop and mobile. If you don’t have contacts in China, no worries! Here are some website speed testing services with Chinese-based servers:

How to Test Your Page Loading Speed in China webkaka

  • Webkaka: Great for detailed performance reports from locations all over China. And let’s face it, the name is hilarious for New Zealanders – just imagine the snickers in the office!

How to Test Your Page Loading Speed in China site_24

  • Site24x7: Offers testing from multiple Chinese locations like Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou City, Qingdao City, Shanghai, Shenzen, and Zhangjiakou.

How to Test Your Page Loading Speed in China dotcom tools

  • Dotcom-Tools: Simultaneously tests your website’s speed from various locations, including Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.

How to Test Your Page Loading Speed in China webpagetest

  • WebPageTest: Runs tests using different builds of Chrome and Firefox from their Hong Kong server.


Now you’ve got the inside scoop on navigating the Great Firewall and making your chinese website load faster in China. Go forth, conquer the Chinese market, and make your site speedier than a cheetah. Good luck!